MedMetrics Inc.
Evidence-based healthcare research and consulting solutions
Company Overview
MedMetrics Inc. is a full spectrum health care research and consulting firm with global expertise in all aspects of the
design, analysis, reporting and publication of clinical, epidemiologic and health economic studies in a variety of clinical
areas. We undertake research for a wide range of both public and private sector clients. We have conducted projects in
the following therapeutic areas: ophthalmology, diabetes, COPD, coronary heart failure, dental caries, tele-health,
Aboriginal health policy, tuberculosis, vitamin D deficiency, etc.

MedMetrics Inc., strives to develop outstanding evidence-based research solutions to demonstrate the value of potential
health care products and technologies, particularly for  market access, pricing and reimbursement activities.
ARVO 2016
Dr Smith is planning on attending ARVO in Seattle in early May. Please contact Dr Smith to discuss your research needs.
Latest Publication:

"Improving the drug development process by reducing the impact of adverse events: the case of cataracts considered"
Drug Discovery Today   doi:10.1016/j.drudis.2016.01.001

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